Leitung: Maximilian Esser


Behind bpm vom 21.12.2019:

two zero one nine: edition 12/12

join us in our last radio show of 2019. benni + max are in for a musical treat before christmas, with new music out of south america, cologne, düsseldorf, leipzig, berlin and hamburg

current & upcoming releases: bufiman - albumsi (dekmantel) /  zopelar vs brothermartino - axe traxx 011 (axe on wax) / qnete & carmel - the trifecta ep (qc records) / ancient methods - bostich remix (aufnahme + wiedergabe) / salem unsigned - cantica (rfd records) / various artists - hinter den gärten ep (hinter den gärten) / klack - 2400bps 8-N-1 (self released) / adana twins - offline ep (tau)

brothermartino - for 8 freakin hours (axe traxx 011) axe on wax
qnete & carmel - canterburied (the trifecta ep) qc records
lasser drakar - socialism (piramide 1) hippie dance
sleep d - twin turbo (rebel force) incienso
bufiman - hoolock rock (albumsi) dekmantel
bufiman - blow your head (albumsi) dekmantel
bufiman - news from the treetops (albumsi) dekmantel


Moderation: Benni Klemann
Redaktionelle Leitung: Maximilian Esser

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